Colloids: Association, Stability, Properties and Frontiers
Colloid Characterization Techniques: Scattering techniques (light, X-ray and neutron), Microscopy (electron, cryogenic, AFM), Time-resolved fluorescence, Surface characterization, Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Hands-on activities: Light Scattering, SAXS, Electron Microscopy, Cryogenic Microscopy, Time-Resolved Fluorescence, Surface characterization.

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28 Oct (Sun) 29 Oct (Mon) 30 Oct (Tue) 31 Oct (Wed) 1 Nov (Thu)
  Association Colloids - Lindman Surfactants and Microemulsions - Eastoe Frontiers in Colloids – Lindman, Eastoe Simulation in Colloids - Skaf
Registration Opportunities SP - CNPEM Opportunities SP - UNESP Opportunities SP - São Carlos Opportunities SP - UNICAMP
Opening/Opportunities SP - FAPESP
Brito Cruz (6 pm)
Scattering phenomena – Glatter, Silveira Scattering techniques (SLS, DLS, SAXS) – Glatter, Silveira Electron Microscopy - Leite Cryogenic microscopy - Danino
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Presentations will describe research activities and opportunities for students and postdocs in the most important research centers in São Paulo.
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Visit to USP and time-resolved fluorescence - Quina Poster Session Free Hands On activities (I-IV) Hands On activities (I-IV) SANS - Dreiss
Surface Characterization Techniques - Petri Barbecue Free Hands On activities (I-IV) Hands On activities (I-IV) Closing
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Hands-on activities: (I) Light scattering (IQ-UNICAMP), (II) Electron Microscopy (LNNano-CNPEM), (III) Cryogenic Microscopy (LNNano-CNPEM) and (IV) SAXS (LNLS-CNPEM) – including a short visit to the new Brazilian Synchrotron source Sirius (at the CNPEM campus).